Cumbrian Girls Can!!

When we were approached by Cumbrian Girls Can to make their films we were determined to be involved. It’s a project that’s very close to our hearts.

We spent three long days travelling the length and breadth of the county and we can honestly say that they were three of the most inspiring days of our careers. We met over 100 women and spent the day torn between getting goosebumps and getting emotional as we listened to their stories.

What we discovered during those three days is that each of us – every woman – has her story, her own battle she is fighting, her own stand that she is making. Whether it’s against the judgement of society or the judgement in their own minds, all the ladies featured in the films are fighting for their wellbeing, their mental health, their time, their confidence.

It doesn’t come easily to us. We are the caregivers, the sacrificers – the martyrs sometimes. We think we don’t look the part, we don’t have the money, we aren’t good enough, we don’t have the time. But all the ladies in our films are changing that, and the hope is that in seeing these films, other women will start to change it for themselves too.  

We were commissioned just to make the films, but after meeting all these women we wanted to do more, so we arranged an exclusive preview screening as a thank you to them for their time and their courage – and the empowerment they made us feel.

We also made Cumbrian Girls Can a website which you can see here

We’d like to sincerely thank Rheged and Look & Cover for making the screening possible: we couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you to Katie at Cumbrian Girls Can for the opportunity to be involved in this project, to Simon and Ian at Mullholland for being our camera and sound crew and doing such a brilliant job on post production, to Emma Rydal, the Cumbrian actress you’ll hear, for understanding exactly the emotion I wanted to convey when I wrote the voiceover and nailing it on the very first go. 

Our hope is that after watching this film you will feel inspired to share it too.  Tell your mam about it, your nana, your aunties, your friends, your colleagues your neighbours. Let’s have the intention of setting a powerful example for our daughters and nieces and granddaughters. Let’s show them that looking after yourself isn’t selfish: it’s survival, self preservation. Be that friend that drags someone out when they’re feeling blue, introduce someone that you know is lonely to a new class or club, invite someone who is struggling to have a walk with you. Or be that friend to yourself, give yourself the chance to take that time to be active. You CAN do it.

If you’re a man, encourage the women you know to take the time to be active, support them, appreciate how important it is, how difficult it is, make it easy for them, make it possible for them. God knows we make it hard enough for ourselves!

Since filming with these women, every time we’ve thought ‘I can’t’, we’ve thought about them – their faces in these films, their resilience, their courage, their determination – and we’ve dug deep and overcome the obstacle in our way.  

Thank you so much to them for being brilliant role models, for showing us the importance of looking after ourselves, of being active, of getting outdoors, of lifting each other up. Let’s follow their lead and be the change we want to see in the world – or at the very least, in Cumbria.

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We spent three long days travelling the length and breadth of the county and we can honestly say that they were three of the most inspiring days of our careers.

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