Our superpowers.

No mythical abilities here. Our powers lie in the magic of the written word, our inspired thinking and the superhuman way we get things done.

Web Design

Websites are your shop window, so important to your business, but they are made to sound scary, complicated and overwhelming… Well, stop right there – because we can make it easy!

We do this by:

Giving you a complete website

Not only can we design you a wonderful responsive website, that you‘ll be able to manage yourself – we can write it and fill it with content too. We‘ll give you a complete website – not a skeleton design that you have to make look pretty, not a framework that you have to fill with your own words and images – a website that’s ready to go. We will design your website, write all the content for it, ensure it has all the SEO basics in place, find great images for you, the lot! So all you need to do is click on it. Voila.

Sticking to deadlines and being honest

We‘ll work with you closely on your web design from the outset so we are clear on your aims and deadlines.  Well ensure we deliver brilliantly AND on time. Well keep you informed throughout the whole process, we‘ll use normal words,  not techie jargonand well show you how to change and maintain your website so you have confidence going forward.

Here’s a massive list of the web design services we offer:

  • Responsive web design
  • Website development
  • Content creation
  • Website data analysis
  • UX (user experience) & strategy
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Graphic design
  • Website support
  • Website hosting
  • Website testing



No idea what PR is but know you probably need it? Simply put, PR exists to get the word out about your business. It’s telling the right stories, to the right people at the right time. Its purpose? To make the people you care about – care about you.

We do this by:

Building strong relationships with local and national press.

We put a great deal of time and effort into the relationships we create. Our aim is to ensure the One Little Bird name is synonymous with awesomeness, and that our communications will always be welcomed as useful, timely and interesting.

Our press releases and alerts are only ever targeted towards your specific audience – there’s no carpet-bombing here. We take extra special care to ensure your news reaches the right people – whether that’s through local or national press, radio, TV, magazines or social media influencers.

Getting creative.

At One Little Bird we are wizards at generating fresh news and talking points for our clients in a heartbeat. Without giving away all of our closely guarded secrets, we do this by creating new angles and opportunities, and conceiving intriguing new experiences, events and press trips.

Giving you peace of mind.

We’ll always have your back – in the challenging times as well as the good times. Our crisis management PR service is designed to steer you smoothly through the mire and return you to sanity as soon as humanly possible.

Here’s a massive list of the PR services we offer:

  • PR strategy
  • Press releases
  • Crisis management
  • Media relations
  • Influencer relations
  • Press & influencer visits
  • Coverage monitoring and evaluation
  • Basic media training
  • Internal comms
  • Photography
  • Launches
  • Event planning & management
  • Advertorials & ghost writing
  • Joined-up digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing isn’t all that different from PR – which is why our expert team works across both services. It’s all about finding creative ways to engage with your ideal customers and placing your product on their radar ahead of the competition.

We do this by:

Writing copy that sells.

This could be content for your website, e-newsletters, social media channels or digital advertising. We can even help you with copywriting for your offline marketing like adverts, brochures, posters or leaflets.

Managing your digital presence.

Prefer to keep your life strictly analogue? We get it – you’re busy and the online world is time consuming. From website and social media management to taking care of content writing or creating Facebook and Google ads. You can rest easy, knowing you can leave the internet gubbins to us. We’re nerds – we actually enjoy this stuff.

Here’s a massive list of the Digital Marketing services we offer:

  • Digital marketing strategy & advice
  • Social media strategy & advice
  • Website management
  • Website copy
  • Case studies
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Photography & video
  • Social media management
  • Social media content
  • Social media training
  • Social media advertising
  • Google advertising
  • Digital analytics monitoring & evaluation
  • E-newsletters
  • General copywriting
  • Offline advertising
  • Joined up PR strategy


Sausage Eating Organisation? Small Elephant Osteopath? Saucy Earlobe Obsessive? No one ever seems to know what SEO really means (hint: It’s none of the above) but it’s not that complicated. SEO, aka Search Engine Optimisation, is about making sure your website is discovered by the right people. And by the right people – we mean your potential customers.

We do this by:

Optimising your website for humans AND Googles.

Sometimes, when people try to write website content with SEO in mind, it can all start to sound a little bit R2D2. Our SEO experts know how to write quality website content that both people and Google will enjoy reading.

Making sure Google respects your authority!

The other thing we do is make sure that Google (other search engines are available) trusts your website. There are lots of whizzy ways we do this – like auditing your website to find out if it’s been set up properly, checking it’s listed in all the right places and reviewing your website’s security.

Here’s a massive list of the Digital Marketing services we offer:

  • Blog articles
  • Negative link removal
  • Backlink acquisition
  • Local directory submission
  • Architecture SEO
  • XML sitemaps
  • Image optimisation
  • Speed optimisation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Advanced tracking
  • Live reporting
  • Adwords management

“One Little Bird executes our work with genuine enthusiasm, great attention to detail and always provide us with honest advice.”

Mark Aston, Managing Director

Ast Signs Ltd

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