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Sausage Eating Organisation? Small Elephant Osteopath? Saucy Earlobe Obsessive? No one ever seems to know what SEO really means (hint: It’s none of the above) but it’s not that complicated. SEO, aka Search Engine Optimisation, is about making sure your website is discovered by the right people. And by the right people – we mean your potential customers.
We do this by:

Optimising your website for humans AND Googles.

Sometimes, when people try to write website content with SEO in mind, it can all start to sound a little bit R2D2. Our SEO experts know how to write quality website content that both people and Google will enjoy reading.

Making sure Google respects your authority!

The other thing we do is make sure that Google (other search engines are available) trusts your website. There are lots of whizzy ways we do this – like auditing your website to find out if it’s been set up properly, checking it’s listed in all the right places and reviewing your website’s security.

Here’s a massive list of the SEO services we offer:

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Blog articles

Backlink acquisition

Architecture SEO

Image Optimisation

Advanced analytics

Live reporting

Negative link removal

Local directory submission

XML sitemaps

Speed optimisation

Advanced tracking

Adwords management

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