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Ast Signs Ltd is a young, dynamic and innovative company, so when several roles simultaneously opened up in their Penrith headquarters the company tasked One Little Bird with coordinating a recruitment campaign to reflect their determination to do things differently.


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About this project.

One Little Bird crafted position descriptions, job advertisements and coordinated a targeted local advertising campaign. We also devised the concept for two recruitment videos, which were liked and shared thousands of times by job applicants and followers of Ast Signs. We wrote the scripts, briefed and directed the film team and handled post-production tweaks. We also advised Ast Signs on how to amplify the videos across its social media platforms.

As a result, the company was inundated with job applications and the videos themselves garnered significant positive publicity. Ast Signs soon reported that the visual appeal of the recruitment videos were so powerful they had themselves brought in significant new business.

“We find One Little Bird to be reliable, efficient and flexible which is important to us as our needs change all the time. The One Little Bird team is friendly and approachable and adapt well to our requirements – one day they’re working on PR activity for us, another they are copywriting or managing the development of a new website.  One Little Bird always executes our work with a great attention to detail and genuine enthusiasm and provide us with honest advice.”

Mark Aston, Managing Director

Ast Signs Ltd

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